Here's why bigger is better!

Better for our dealers... and better for hobbyists!

Our facilities include over 14,000 square feet 

of tank space and a fleet of climate 

controlled vehicles.





Only the very largest, state-of-the-art livestock wholesalercan deliver the service, the quality, and quantity of fish, plants, reptiles and small animals a professional dealer needs to display in order satisfy the dedicated hobbyist. The best dealers know that their customers keeps coming back time after time because they appreciate both a wide variety and affordable pricing ! 

A wholesale supplier has to be big to demand and acquire the very best livestock from fish farms and field collectors around the world, then deliver them guaranteed live and healthy, week after week, year-in year-out, with no excuses. 

Those advantages are assured by our spacious temperature and humidity controlled warehouse designed for livestock, featuring the most technically advanced water conditioning and filtration systems available. It is a unique facility that maintains a back-up generator to protect against power loss, in-house high-volume oxygen and air generation, and a fully equipped quality assurance lab. Now add special consideration for our walk-in and volume customers, and our clean, comfortable and spacious lounge to relax in while custom orders are being accurately filled and boxed. 

Only the very largest wholesaler can maintain a fleet of custom, temperature controlled delivery vehicles - drivers trained to help unpack and check the livestock before they leave a dealer’s store. All bags are labeled to facilitate check-in. Then there's the courteous and personal service - weekly phone calls and faxes to keep a dealer informed of specials, and a convenient 800 number to call for ordering or to obtain product and technical information. Topping it off is our computer inventory system that helps eliminate out-of-stock situations. 

That’s what makes Fish Mart the largest and most professional livestock wholesaler in the Northeast. We are active, contributing members of the major Trade Associations, and distribute a monthly dealer’s newsletter, filled with specials, articles of interest, and trade news. -And only Fish Mart provides dealers with a comprehensive informative notebook, a video tape showing our operation, and a CD-ROM PowerPoint presentation picturing our facility and graphically illustrating the Ten Reasons to make Fish Mart your Prime Livestock Supplier. 

Hobbyists tell us our dealers are not only bigger, they are better- they display and sell professional quality livestock and take the time to share their knowledge with customers. With Fish Mart as their supplier, dealer’s see the difference, and so do their growing number of satisfied customers.


Because we're better...  






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