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These are unique fish that were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants. It was only recently that scientists realized the public’s interest in sharing the benefits of this research. GloFish™ fluorescent fish are beautiful, are safe for the environment and make wonderful pets for new hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts alike.



What are the differences between fluorescent zebra fish and other zebra fish? 
Aside from their brilliant color, fluorescent zebra fish are the same as other zebra fish in every way. This includes everything from general care and temperature preferences to growth rate and life expectancy. 

Do fluorescent fish glow? 
Fluorescent fish absorb light and then re-emit it. This creates the perception that they are glowing, particularly when shining an ultraviolet light on the fish in a dark room.

Does the fluorescence harm the fish? 
No. The fish are as healthy as other zebra fish in every way. Scientists breed them by adding a natural fluorescence gene to the fish eggs before they hatch. The fish is born with this unique color, and maintains the color throughout its life. The color is also passed on to their offspring. 

What will happen if a fluorescent zebra fish escapes into the waterways?
 Zebra fish are tropical fish and are unable to survive in non-tropical environments. They have been sold to pet owners worldwide for more than fifty years. Despite all these years of aquarium ownership, zebra fish are only found in tropical environments, such as their native India . 

What if a fluorescent zebra fish is eaten? 
Eating a fluorescent zebra fish is the same as eating any other zebra fish. Their fluorescence is derived from a naturally occurring gene and is completely safe for the environment. Just as eating a blue fish would not turn a predator blue, eating a fluorescent fish would not make a predator fluoresce. 

Are you going to create more fluorescent fish? 
Scientists all around the world are working with fluorescent fish, whether it’s to help protect the environment or come up with new disease-fighting drug therapies. As more fluorescent fish become available, they may be offered for sale. Some of the colors that have been bred into the species are shown in the photo at the end of this article

How can buying these fish help in the fight against pollution? 
These fish have already existed for 15+ years and were developed to help fight pollution. By breeding these existing fish, we will allow people to have their own fluorescent fish while promoting the beneficial scientific goals behind their development. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from sales will go directly to the lab where these fish were created in order to further their research—research we hope will help to protect the environment and save lives. 

Why are GloFish™ the only fluorescent fish that can be sold in the United States? 
Because fluorescent fish are unique, their sale is covered by a substantial number of patents and pending patent applications. The providers of GloFish™ fluorescent fish are the only distributors that have the necessary licenses to produce and market fluorescent fish within the United States. The production of fish by any other party, or the sale of any fluorescent fish not originally distributed by authorized providers, is prohibited. Fish Mart is proud to be a wholesale distributor for this unusual livestock. 

Daytime Viewing. 
A traditional white aquarium light (such as a fluorescent or halogen light) is ideal for daytime use. Because GloFish™ fluorescent fish absorb light and re-emit it, the fish's color will appear brighter and more vibrant as the amount of light used is increased. White gravel will further deepen the color since the reflective white color of the gravel will increase the amount of light in the tank . 

Nighttime Viewing. 
In cases where the room is completely dark, a black light will create the appearance that the fish are glowing in the dark. This is a truly stunning and beautiful way to display your ornamental fish at night! But please remember that the black light will only be helpful in a completely dark room. Using a black light during the daytime will not result in the fish demonstrating its true beauty. 


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