Those who have visited our West Haven facility know that Fish Mart goes beyond average state-of-the-art technology. In our search for excellence, we've led with innovative techniques and methods to assure that our customers receive the highest quality and widest range of livestock available in the northeast. The success of our Quality Maximizing program is so apparent that Fish Mart is looked upon as the prototype to be copied by anyone entering our field. 

When we began our Quality Maximizing program, we established that there are three basic elements in our operation which, if maintained at a high degree of perfection, would keep Fish Mart your supplier of choice: 1) our people, 2) our plant, and 3) our product. For our people, we set the goal as knowledgeable professionalism and dedication to customer service. For the plant, only leading edge technical excellence would be acceptable. For the product, the highest quality and widest range must be the standard. 

The key to the Fish Mart program is commitment to professionalism and dedicated customer service by every staff member... no exceptions. This is not an easy task, for it means ongoing evaluation of staff performance measured against hard standards. Those who meet the standards remain with us, and add the training of new employees to their busy schedules. As we expand our staff, new employees must meet the same qualifications. 

The physical plant is the life support system of our product. Nothing short of the most modern equipment is allowed. There is an urgency. It starts the moment we meet incoming air shipments and continues through unpacking, medicating, conditioning and assigning fish to properly controlled tanks. It requires that we select and bag only the best, most physically fit fish, and then rapidly deliver them to your location. 

Fish Mart's22,000 square foot facility is fully air conditioned, assuring all our livestock complete comfort during the summer months. Imagine a livestock environment that isn't air conditioned! When it's 90o to 95o outside, tank water temperature increases to almost the same degree. This is extremely stressful to the fish, and we all understand that stress is a primary factor in causing fish disease. 

Combined with our water quality program, temperature control of livestock assures that you receive the healthiest and strongest product possible. (Of course, all our delivery trucks and vans are air conditioned and fully temperature controlled as well.)

Each of our central water filtration systems is designed and installed to provide maximum quality  environmental conditions for select stock.  



Only sophisticated central systems can achieve this level of perfection. The biological filtration systems we employ assure ammonia and nitrite-free water. We use ultraviolet units for removal of harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Constant testing of all systems for proper Ph and salt levels, etc., is routine. Finally, we generate our own oxygen to assure a regulated supply for all our packing. At Fish Mart, nothing is spared to ensure that we deliver a superior product.  

The product itself is exceptional. We require the same high standards from our breeders and suppliers that we set for ourselves. Nothing short of the very best available is accepted. Worldwide sourcing assures you an unparalleled variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians, plants, small animals, aquatic specialties

and foods. Many of the best suppliers, aware of our reputation and concern for highest quality, will ship to no other wholesaler in our region. We distribute only those dry goods we can recommend from our own experience. 

We have implemented practices to make ordering easier and faster... a customer sales and technical assistance program which will increase your sales and make your business more profitable! Our FAX line and toll-free 800 number help you order your stock quickly and easily. 

We urge you to visit Fish Mart. You will understand why Fish Mart is the leader by which all others are measured. You will find that we extend the same care and respect to ALL our customers- from the smallest pet facility to the largest multiple store or chain operation. Are we proud of what our Quality Maximizing program has achieved? Damn right we are! And we intend to keep making improvements which assure the quality and variety of stock YOU need to best serve your customers!



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