Over many years we've received comments on the value and usefulness of the Fish Mart Notebook. This reference source is unique in the field; no other distributor offers such a wealth and diversity of information in a single, conveniently organized form. That’s why we offer this material on our expanded website! More than one dealer has pointed out that the notebook's value goes far beyond ordering livestock.

It has proven to be a valuable working aid in serving customer requests for information. When a customer asks about a particular fish, reptile, or small animal which is not routinely stocked, the web book allows you to quickly locate the item and determine its availability. This responsiveness provides an immediate opportunity to take an order for future delivery and build an ongoing relationship with your customer.

A number of stores download and copy our “hobbyist” information sheets and articles and pass these copies along with almost every sale. We recommend you adding your store name, address, and phone number to these sheets after downloading and before printing so your customers will call YOU.

Please leave the small Fish Mart header on each sheet. We're impressed with the number of dealers making use of the information; it's one more way to demonstrate your concern for your customer's success and satisfaction with their pets.

Permission is hereby granted to retail pet dealers to reproduce these technical and/or informational pages in their entirety, and to distribute them to their customers. All articles are available for customer hand-out and may be downloaded just right click to copy or print the article.

We hope you'll review this web notebook from cover to cover. Refer to it often. It’s a resource with information of value to both you and your customers.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not staffed to handle direct calls from your customers to check on information, and we do not show pricing on pages available to the hobbyist. We feel these articles can be an excellent added touch in educating customers and helping you expand sales, and we want YOU to get the credit directly!

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