If you are considering Fish Mart as a supplier, contact us at


Please Note:

Fish Mart® sells exclusively to retail pet and aquarium stores, and public

aquariums. Only these businesses or institutions should direct contact Fish Mart.

Fish Mart delivers to the Greater Northeastern U.S. using a state-of-the-art delivery system and fleet of trucks.  To do business with Fish Mart, a retailer must have regular business hours for customers to walk into their establishment; they must also have resale tax number(s) and appropriate licensing.  Fish Mart also requests bonafide references to open an account.  If you contact us with the interest of Fish Mart becoming your wholesale supplier, please include your Store name, address, phone/ fax numbers, and email address; and a sales representative will contact you.  

If you are a hobbyist, simply click on the box below "Find A Store Near You" and locate dealers in your area who carry Fish Mart livestock and products.

Dealers: Send sales related questions to:  Salesteam@fishmartinc.com

Vendors: If you have quality livestock at competitive prices, we want to hear from you. Contact:  Buyer@fishmartinc.com