Wide Variety and Top Quality... 

Livestock is Key to Expanding Sales! 

...that’s why leading aquaria dealers have made Fish Mart their supplier of choice for the past 30 years. 

We are the Northeast’s largest domestic and import distributor of fresh and salt water fish and invertebrates, aquatic plants, reptiles, small animals and frozen food. We stock more, ship more, and provide more dealer benefits than any other livestock supplier. All our customers- walk-in, delivery, or ship-out - expect and get first quality livestock and service... competitively priced! Bags are computer labeled, identifying both stock and quantity. Toll-free ordering and knowledgeable product information is routine. Fish Mart fleet deliveries are prompt and dependable. 

We are in daily touch with breeders and suppliers around the world to bring you the finest livestock they have to offer. Just as important, we take the time to identify and obtain the unusual or rarely seen specimens that attract the attention and interest of your customers. Our volume purchasing assures that you not only get the highest quality stock available, but that we deliver it to you at the lowest possible cost. See “Nice, New and Odd” for our latest listings. 

With over 35 years of service to dealers throughout the northeast, Fish Mart represents professionalism at its finest. From state-of-the-art facility to our people, we work hard to elevate your profitability and your business viability and success. 

Many dealers tell us they have fewer losses with Fish Mart then any other suppliers. But maintaining our position as the leading professional pet wholesaler in the northeast depends upon a whole lot more than bringing you the highest quality livestock at a competitive price. When you look at the total Fish Mart package, it is clear that our service, product, pricing, lower losses and dealer support programs add up to the best buy for you. You always get the most for your money at Fish Mart!